Modern Pharma Company

for the pharmaceutical industry

Modern Pharma Company was founded in 1999 as the first national factory for the production of antibiotics, where it started operating the production lines of solid pharmaceutical forms (capsules & dry drink) as a first stage. The company expanded its existing production lines and added new production lines with other forms of pharmaceuticals such as hard drives, flasks and disinfectants located in two main units: B-Lactam and Non B-Lactam.


Modern Pharma Company

To be the first locally..

Pioneering regional ..


Modern pharma Seeks to :

  • maintain health , happiness and the welfare of the community locally and regionally.
  • Produce affordable high quality medicine conforming to cGMP ,
  • satisfy all beneficiaries and care about the workers and their skills, taking into account social responsibility and environmental protection.

Brief History

Human is the Foundation

The company has contributed to the training of many young national cadres of both sexes in the field of pharmaceutical industries by assimilating them with their different specialties and providing them with new


  1. Board Of Directors
  2. CEO
    1. Organization
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    2. Production
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      3. Engineering
    3. Marketing & Sales
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    4. Management
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