Modern Pharma Company was founded in 1999 as the first national factory for the production of antibiotics, where it started operating the production lines of solid pharmaceutical forms (capsules & dry drink) as a first stage. The company expanded its existing production lines and added new production lines with other forms of pharmaceuticals such as hard drives, flasks and disinfectants located in two main units: B-Lactam and Non B-Lactam.

In the next stage, the company manufactured a contract with its brother's factories to add to its mix of pharmaceutical products the following : liquid drink, ointments, creams, gels, soft gel capsules and nasal and ear drops, covering the local market and contributing to the development of national industries.


Human is the foundation

The company has contributed to the training of many young national cadres of both sexes in the field of pharmaceutical industries by assimilating them with their different specialties and providing them with new skills and enabling them to develop their skills and abilities and to involve them in intensive professional programs in the belief that the human element is the basis of the production process. Therefore, the company is keen to select the good cadres and scientifically qualified with the keenness to be training internally and externally to see every new in the field of pharmaceutical industries worldwide


The Quality

All the products of the company are subject to internal and external control of quality and all the international pharmaceutical specifications are applied to it, starting with the WHO-GMP Certificate in good pharmaceutical manufacturing and through the ISO 9001 quality certificate. Therefore, the quality of its products matches with other international companies in this field. As the quality of the products starts from the inputs of the production processes, the company is very interested in providing the raw materials to the first of the best and most reliable sources around the world, taking into account the use of modern technology in all stages of production and associated quality control and buildings and modern industrial equipment and the ideal conditions for storage and export.


Our Products

Our products, which reach more than one hundred and fifty pharmaceutical products, cover most of the essential medical uses (digestive drugs, heart medications, diabetes, nervous system drugs, antibiotics, analgesics, etc.), and because we strive for the best of all, our products have received the satisfaction and approval of our customers from doctors, pharmacists and consumers in all areas. It is worth mentioning that the current production capacity of the company amounts to more than twenty-one million and six hundred thousand units annually distributed on different productionlines.


Our Borders

Our ambition is not limited, so we have moved to export our products to neighboring markets, especially East and North Africa, as part of our vision to achieve regional and international leadership.


Beyond the horizon

The company seeks to achieve total quality through continuous improvement of production processes and meet the needs and wishes of customers and increase the empowerment of employees and attention to the environment all makes the horizon wider for the company to move to a better future.