Why Modern Pharmaceutical ?


We seek in the modern pharmaceutical company to contribute effectively in improving the health of the members of society through the production of high quality pharmaceutical products according to the latest medical manufacturing at good prices and we are keen to satisfy our customers from doctors, pharmacists and consumers as we care about our employees and develop them and work to build the spirit of one team and we are keen to help the community and protect Environment from pollution.


The Human Resources Department seeks to maintain, service and develop the human cadres of the company during the selection of the best cadres and training and improve their living conditions and solve their problems, taking care of their job stability

Human Resource Management

Today, human resources management is considered one of the most important administrative functions in any company. It is no less important than than the other jobs because of the importance of the human factor and its impact on efficiency. The concept of human resources management has expanded to encompass several major activities, chief among them the analysis and characterization of the following jobs:


Human resources planning


Attracting human resources


Stimulating human resources


Training human resources.

As well as traditional human resources management and corporate activity

Basic functions of human resources management

  • Preparing the necessary infrastructure for the administrative and organizational control of the company.
  • Attracting the distinguished workers necessary to meet the needs of the company.
  • Managing and organizing the entry of new employees to the company.
  • Implementing the system of monitoring and evaluating the performance of the company's employees.
  • Rehabilitation and continuous training.
  • Continuous motivation for employees and company.
  • Management and organization of relations (rights and duties between individuals and the company.