Event Description

With the participation of six hospitals, the championship of the Modern Pharmaceutical Company for Hospitals in Ramadan was launched last Thursday in its third season, with the participation of each of the hospitals (Republic - Kuwait - Science and Technology - Abdul Qadir Al-Mutawakel - Modern German - Modern European). The teams were divided into two groups, where the first group included hospitals ( Al-Republican - Modern German - Kuwait) while the second included hospitals (Science and Technology - Modern European - Abdul Qadir Al-Mutawakel), and on Saturday, the two groups' matches ended, as Al-Republican and Kuwait qualified for the first group, science and technology, and Abdul Qadir Al-Mutawakel for the second group. In the framework of the semi-final round, the teams of Al-Gomhori Hospitals and Abdelkader Al-Mutawakil met Tuesday afternoon, and the match ended with Al-Mutawakel winning with a score of three to two, while the second match, which was held on Wednesday, brought together the science and technology and Kuwait teams, and the science team was able to win the match in its favor with two goals to none. The tournament will be concluded next Friday, Ramadan 18 1442, corresponding to April 30, 2021 AD, as Al-Wahda Sports Stadium in Sanaa is witnessing the final match, which brought together the teams of the Science and Technology Hospital and the team of Dr. Abdul Qadir Al-Mutawakel Hospital. At the end of the match, the University of Science and Technology Hospital won over the Al-Mutawakel Hospital team, where the two halves ended with a tie of 5 goals. For each team, then the science team won a penalty shootout over Al-Mutawakel's team

Event Details

  • Title: Ramadan Modern Pharmaceutical League for Hospitals
  • Period: 2021-04-13 till 2021-04-30
  • Location: Al-Wehda Club stadium - Sanaa