Acnecalm  gel

Acnecalm gel

- Acnecalm® gel contains two differnt medicines

  called Erythromycin and Isotretinion. Erythromycin

  is an antibiotic, it works by fighting bacteria that can

  cause acne (spots). Isotretinion belongs to family

  called retiniods, like vitamin A, it works by helping

  the skin so that blocked pores are less likely to

  prevent spots

- Each 1g Acnecalm® gel contains:

  Isotretinoin               0.5 mg

  Erythromycin            20 mg



- Acnecalm® gel  is contraindicated:

- If you are allergic to Erythromycin, Isotretinoin or 

  any of the other ingredients in drug.

- If you are pregnant, if you think you could be

  pregnant, or if you are planning to become pregnant

- If you are breast-feeding.


- Due to the flammable nature of Acnecalm® gel, you

  should avoid smoking or being near an open flame

  while you’re applying Acnecalm® gel, and

  immediately after you’ve used it.


Use during Pregnancy & Lactation 

- Don’t use Acnecalm® gel during pregnancy or

  thinking of becoming pregnant or breast - feeding.

Side Effects

- As any drug, Acnecalm® gel  has some common side

  effects as skin pain, rash, dry skin, itchy skin, skin

  burning sensation, redness of the skin, skin

  irritation, and skin peeling or scaling. These effects

  are normal. If they cause you a problem, try using

  Acnecalm® gel  less often, or stop using it for a few

  days and then start again.

- Some rare side effect as allergic reaction, swelling

  of the face, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, increased

  sensitivity of the skin to sun light and discoloration

  of skin.



- Before you use Acnecalm® gel  tell your doctor if

  you have eczema, redness of the skin, broken blood

  vessels, tiny pimples usually in the centre of the face,

  redness and soreness around your mouth or you have

  skin reactions in the sunlight.

- you should use Acnecalm® gel on your skin away

  from areas such as your mouth, lips, and eyes.

- Don’t use Acnecalm® gel on any irritated areas of

  skin. For example if you have cuts or grazes, or


- Don’t use too much Acnecalm® gel  on sensitive

  areas of skin such as the neck.

- Protect your skin from the sun.

- Acnecalm® gel  is not for use by children under 12


- Acnecalm® gel : aluminum tube 20 g.

- Store below 25 °C.