Depavalin 250

Depavalin 250

- The active substance in Depavalin® Solution is sodium 
  valproate which has anticonvulsant effect properties including 
  various types of human epilpesy.

- Each 5 ml of Depavalin® Solution contains:
   Sodium valproate        250 mg

  Depavalin® Solution is contrainticated in:-
- Hypersensitivity to sodium valproate.
- Disturbed function of the liver or pancrease.
- Taking mefloquine & lamotrigine and St. John Wort plant

- Salicylates should not be given with Depavalin® Solution. 
- The dosage of antidepressants, anticonvulsants and 
  anticoagulants should be reduced when administration
  concomitantly with Depavalin® Solution.
- you must tell your doctor if you are taking any other 

- You must not use Depavalin® during pregnancy or lactation 
  unless it is advised to do so by the physician.
- If you are of childbearing age, you must use a relieble means  
  of contraception during treatment

- Like all medicines, Depavalin® Solution can cause side
  effects, although not everybody gets them. 
- Nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhea (at the start of 
  treatment), temporary hair loss, slight shaking of the hands, 
  drawsiness: these effects are temporary but may nonetheless 
  require adjustment of the dosage by your doctor.
- Menstrual disturbances, weight gain.
- Consciousness disturbances that may be isolated or 
  associated with an increase in epileptic seizures. 
- Abnormal laboratory values: reduction in the number of 
  platelets (sometimes manifested by slight bleeding of the 
  nose, gums), in white blood cells (sometimes manifested by 
  fever), in red blood cells (sometimes manifested by 
  breathlessness, unusual pallor) or fibrinogen. Prolonged 
  bleeding time, change in the size of red blood cells and 
  increased blood ammonia levels. 
  You must inform your doctor quickly of any abnormal 
  laboratory value.
- Decreased blood sodium levels (sometimes manifesteby 
- Allergic reactions along with fever, impaired general health, 
  skin rash, liver or kidney damage, excessive amount of 
  certain types of while blood cells (eosinophils). You must 
  immediately inform your doctor if any of these symptoms 

- If your condition is not controlled, i.e. if you continue to have 
  seizures or drowsiness it is dangerous to drive or operate 
  potentially dangerous machines.
- Depavalin® Should be carefully used in children under 
  3 years of age especially those with congenital metabolic 
  disorders or mental retardation.
- Liver, pancrease and kidney functions as well as blood 
  Coagulation must be checked regularly during treatment.
- Small number of people being treated with antiepileptics have 
  had thoughts of harming or killing themselves, if this happens 
  contact your doctor immediately. 

Depavalin® Solution: Bottle of 100 ml solution. 

Store at a temperature below 25 °C, protected from light.