- FLURID® S.R is a combination of the
      second generation,non-sedatingH1-antagonist
      (Cetirizine HCL ) and the decongestant
      (Pseudoephedrine HCL).
    - FLURID® S.R dose not induce sedation or
      behavioral changes.
    -FLURID® S.R is produced as sustained 
     release pellets to give prolonged relief from
     symptoms of common cold, sinusitis and 
     allergic rhinitis.

- Each capsule of FLURID® S.R contains:
    Cetirizine HCL                      5 mg
    Pseudoephedrine HCL          120 mg

-FLURID® S.R is contra - indicated in the
   following cases:
   Known hypersensitivity to any of its
   API (s), cardiovascular diseases, urinary
   retention, increased intraocular  pressure, 
   patients receiving monoamine
   oxidase (MAO) inhibitors. 

 -FLURID® S.R Sholud not be used during
   pregnancy and lactation.

 -FLURID® S.R can cause Dry mouth, GIT disturbance, and rare cases tachycardia.

Should be used with caution in patients above
   50 years of age and in patients with diabetes,
   renal or hepatic insufficiency, and prostatic

 Blister of 10 capsules, Pack of 2 blisters.

-Store in a dry place at a temperature below 
   30 °C.
  -Protect from moisture and light.