Guafacin- Syrup

Guafacin- Syrup

- Guafacin® is an effective and pleasant preparation of Psidium guajava (guava) leaves 
   extract. It is an antitussive due to its direct stimulatory effect on the smooth muscles of the 
   respiratory tract as well as its antimicrobial activity.

- Each 5 ml of Guafacin® oral solution contains:
  Guava leaves extract                            50 mg

  Guava leaves extract                            10mg

- If symptoms persist or worsen during the first week of drug use, a physician should be 
- In diabetic patients, the content of sucrose has to be taken into consideration.

- Bottle of 100 ml syrup .

- Bottle of 15 ml syrup .

- Store at temperature not exceeding 25°C.