Guavamin- Syrup

Guavamin- Syrup

- Guavamin® is an effective and pleasant preparation of Psidium guajava (guava) leaves extract 
  & thyme liquid extract. 
- Guava leaves extract is an antitussive due to its direct stimulatory effect on the smooth muscles 
  of the respiratory tract as well as its antimicrobial activity.
- Thyme liquid extract acts as an expectorant, bronchial spasmolytic and has antiseptic properties.

- Each 5 ml of Guavamin® oral solution contains:
   Guava leaves extract                            50 mg
   Thyme liquid extract                          250 mg

- Hypersensitivity to thyme and/or guava.

- As general rule, you must always ask the advice of your pharmacist before taking any medicinal 
  product during pregnancy & lactation.

- If symptoms persist or worsen during the first week of drug use, a physician should be 
- In diabetic patients, the content of sucrose has to be taken into consideration.

- Bottle of 100 ml syrup.

- Store at temperature not exceeding 25° C.