Kidi® Cal syrup is a product contains three 
  active ingredients: 
- Calcium is essential for bone formation and 
  extra amounts are needed during adolescence. 
- Vitamin D3 improves absorption and 
  utilization of Calcium by regulating the body's 
  Calcium-phosphorus ratio.  
- Vitamin B12 is essential to cell metabolism and 
   assists in the synthesis of nucleic acid.

- Each 5ml of Kidi® Cal syrup contains:
   Calcium levulinate           50 mg .
   Vitamin  D3                       1000 IU .
   Vitamin  B12                      10 mcg

- Hypersensitivity to any content of compound.
- Hypercalcemia.
- Not to be used for renal patient and hepatic 

- Epidemiological studies have shown no increase in 
  the teratogenic hazard to the fetus if used in the 
  dose recommended for usual vitamin and calcium 
  supplementation. Although calcium and other 
  vitamins are excreted in the breast milk, the 
  concentration is not sufficient to produce an   
  adverse effect in the neonate when taken in 
  recommended doses. However excess of the 
  recommended dietary allowance during normal 
  pregnancy should be avoided unless, in the 
  judgment of the physician, as potential benefits in a   
  specific, unique case outweigh the significant 
  hazards involved.
  In a mother given large doses of vitamin 
  D3,25-hydroxycholecalciferol appeared in the milk 
  and caused hypercalcemia in her child.   

Bottle of 100 ml syrup.

 Store a way from light at temperature not 
  exceeding 255C.