-MEBOHEAL® ointment is of natural origin, and
  contains β sitosterol as an active ingredient which 
  acts by inducing anti-inflammatory effect that 
  reduces edema and erythema and creating unfavora
  blemedia for bacterial and fungal colonization.
-MEBOHEAL® ointment isolates, protects the 
  wound bed and allows nutrition, drainage  and 
  gaseous exchange at the same time.
-MEBOHEAL® ointment also absorbs residual heat 
  in acute burns and protects the exposed and injured 
  nerve endings that provides an analgesic effect at the 
  site of injury.
-It was designed to expose the wound to a physiologi-
  cal moist environment to enhance natural healing  
  process by facilitating keratenocytes migration and 
-MEBOHEAL® ointment also contains high 
  proportion of sesame oil as a major component of  its
  base, that makes it of additional efficacy in treating 
  wounds and burns due to the healing benefits 
  associated with unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins 
  in sesame oil.

 MEBOHEAL® ointment contains:
  β sitosterol                      0.25%

- No side effects have been reported with using  
  MEBOHEAL® ointment, except rare cases of 
  sesame oil hypersensitivity.  

- MEBOHEAL® ointment may change its physical 
  appearance during storage, but this change has 
  no effect to the product's efficacy. 

- MEBOHEAL® ointment: tube of 30 gm.

- Store below 25 °C.