- Silvaderm® cream  contains silver sulfadiazine 
  as a topical anti-microbial agent related to 
  sulfonamide group . 
- Silver sulfadiazine has broad activity against 
  gram-positive, gram-negative bacteria and 
  some fungi.
- Silvaderm® cream active againest main 
  microorganisms that cause significant problems 
  in burn wounds. These microorganisms include 
  Pseudomonas aeruginosia, Proteus vulgaris, 
  Escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, 
  Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans and 
  Streptococcus species.

 Silvaderm® cream contains:
 Silver sulfadiazine                       1 %

  Hypersensitivity to silver salt and sulfamides.
- In premature infants during the first few months 
  of life and newborn infants younger than two 
  months of age .
- For pregnant, or think about becoming pregnant.

- Local reactions may occur such as: burning, 
  itching, and skin rash.
  Leucopenia has been reported in 3 - 5% of burned 
  patients 2 - 3 days after treatment has been 
  commenced, it is usually self limiting.
- Transient brownish-gray skin discoloration
- Increasing sensitivity of the skin to sun light.
- May cause blood dyscrasias.

 Silvaderm® cream should be applied with caution: 
- If you suffer from G6PD deficiency.
- If you suffer from kidney or liver diseases. 
- In extensively burned patients, serum silver 
  sulfadiazine concentration, renal functions and 
  complete blood counts should be closely 

- Silvaderm® cream : tube of  20 g .

- Store below 25°C