Quality Policy

The responsibility of senior management in the modern pharma company for pharmaceutical industries and to maintain the company's position and belief in the importance of applying the <strong>international quality standard ISO9001</strong> has adopted work on the adoption of a system that meets the requirements of the standard mentioned, which are as follows :

Quality is the responsibility of all employees of Modern Pharma Company. Everyone works either as an individual or within the team, pledging a quality philosophy that confirms that it is a trusted company in providing manufactured products to treat the patients who rely on them to improve their healthy lives. Compliance with quality standards, requirements of health authorities and customer satisfaction will not spare any effort in the development of all pharmaceutical systems, including manufacturing, medical advertising, marketing, shipping and scientific support for their products.

QIts high level of quality makes it reassuring to obtain the license of the health authorities for its own or manufactured equipment with excellence by building quality in its products. Its quality system helps ensure that our products conform to their specifications for what the medical and patient staff expect or even exceed, and which health authorities require, when they are released and for how long they are effective. In order to ensure the above, it will review and maintain the policy and objectives of the quality systems periodically and in accordance with the requirements of the above standard, in order to comply with them and continuously improve them.

Quality in Modern Pharma Company


Modern Pharma Company has taken upon itself the responsibility to meet the requirements of customers and satisfy them through the application of quality standards in all aspects of its work. It is a leading company in the Republic of Yemen in terms of growth, exporting its products to some countries and acquiring the confidence of international companies, which have entered into strategic alliances with them to serve the local and export markets.

Latest Technology

Modern Pharma Company has adopted the latest technology manufacturing technology in order to produce safe, efficient and high quality products that are accessible to all. This is evident in the applications of manufacturing machines, handling and supply procedures as well as storage, transportation and export operations.

People Health

Modern Pharma Company is committed to maintaining the general environment and employees' health, which is directly reflected in the quality of products. The quality management system focuses on achieving the quality policy and its objectives to meet the regulatory requirements and satisfy the wishes of customers.

Quality Management System

The quality management system is monitored by using the audit system by Quality assurance management in Modern Pharma Company, which ensures the implementation of quality systems and follow-up and improvement on a continuous basis, in addition to monitoring the production lines and ensure that they work in harmony with the production processes to ensure the specifications and requirements set in advance and compliance with manufacturing standards.


Department Of

Validation is part of the quality system as it provides highly documented evidence to ensure that all manufacturing processes, cleaning processes, processes, analytical methods and systems will consistently produce the same specifications required according to the accepted standards of the product according to local and international regulations and also qualify for persons, machines and materials.



The documentation section is responsible for the inventory, registration, documentation, maintenance and archiving of all production and analytical production files after review and to ensure their integrity and completeness. It is also responsible for releasing the operations to the market after reviewing all processes and analyzes of the operations and ensuring their security and its occurrence within the permissible limits. All documents of the factory of standard methods and specifications, analytical methods, models and others relating to all parts of the factory and its departments and the registration and documentation of technical problems of varieties and complaints of customers and archiving. Modern Pharma Company continuously improves quality through compliance and compliance programs that ensure strict compliance with the policies and principles of the company within the framework of an integrated quality framework. * Modern Pharma Company obtained the ISO 9001 certificate in quality management system.



It performs periodic inspection of all units involved in manufacturing and quality. This inspection is carried out by a specialized inspection team. The inspection is conducted on a regular basis. It includes weekly, monthly and annual inspection plans. It conducts internal inspection inside the factory in all its departments , It also conducts external inspection of branches and other companies.