Message from the Research and Development Center

The project seeks to achieve the objectives of Modern Pharma Company to achieve leadership and precedent in the local and regional market; through the development of quality products of high quality, at appropriate prices to meet the requirements of the local market and compete in the regional market, applying methods and methods of scientific research and use of the latest technology prepared for that, With governmental and private universities in the country and with factories, centers and local, regional and international bodies working in the field of pharmaceutical industry.

The Center works to contribute to the social responsibility of the two companies, especially in the field of rehabilitation and training in methods and methods Development of pharmaceuticals; the center is the human mind the most important resource in achieving its objectives in innovation, development and continuous improvement to achieve the ultimate goal in the service of societyand achieve security and health wellbeing.

R & D Sections

Current R & D Activities

  • Development of new traditional varieties.
  • Contributing to the qualification of suppliers.
  • Developing the productive formulas of the produced varieties to ensure continuous improvement of their quality.
  • Validation of methods of analysis.
  • Participating in the training of students from different universities.
  • Addressing the productive functions in which problems arise.
  • Supervise the production of new products in production through (Theoretical training, Practical supervision of the first three meals).
  • Future activities of R & D department

Future Activities of R & D

  • Development of new varieties (patent).
  • Contribute to the planning of marketing research, which contributes to enhancing the quality of pharmaceutical products and to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • To contribute to the training and rehabilitation of the pharmaceutical staff in the plant in general.
  • Verification of development and analysis methods.
  • Activate the contribution in the field of supervision and implementation of the studies of the bioavailability of the medicinal classes that require this.
  • Contributing and supervising the clinical research of some subjects.
  • Processing of scientific materials related to pharmaceutical products.
  • Effective coordination with public and private universities in the field of research, scientific, rehabilitation and training.
  • Development of new traditional varieties.