The Choice

On the appointment route

Trial Period

There is a trial period of six months and to pass this period successfully you must abide by the company's rules and regulations, so make sure of the highest estimates by your direct boss.

Job Description Card

You will be presented with a job description card for your job that includes duties and responsibilities, so be sure to receive and review them carefully.

Annual Leave

I know that during the probationary period (probationary period you are entitled to annual leave only if necessary.


Make sure that absence during that period affects you.

Your Career

Passing the test period successfully and getting you started will mean the beginning of your career.


Job Contract : Which is the written agreement that specifies the duties and rights of the parties, I am keen to receive a copy of the original and commitment, including:

  • Adhere to company regulations.
  • Maintain the dignity and reputation of the company and not disclose secrets.
  • Commitment to the use of safety equipment, prevention, work and implementation
  • Professional health and safety instructions strictly for your safety.
  • Working hours to perform work duties
  • Take full care of the machinery and equipment at your disposal.
  • Cooperate with presidents and colleagues to accomplish work and create a spirit of collaboration as a team
  • Maintain good relations with all customers of the company
  • Maintain public appearance and personal hygiene The employee shall not leave his place unless he is authorized by his direct supervisor
  • Perfect work and performance without neglect or negligence
  • Keep the workplace clean. In a decent image.
  • Implement the instructions of the superiors without delay or neglect
  • Notify the Company of any change in your personal status, address and means of communication with you
  • Meeting the needs and aspirations of employees
  • Attracting competencies and skills
  • Preserving individuals and expertise
  • Motivate employees to upgrade and encourage them to compete and do their utmost
  • Level of wages in similar companies Degree of difficulty and importance Ratio between jobs
  • Linking wages to the employee's qualifications and competence
  • The general level of cost-of-living justice and objectivity

The total salary is the remuneration given to the employee as specified in the contract before any deductions from taxes, insurance or other, including the basic salary plus all the allowances. Salary is paid on the first day of the month following the month of maturity

The worker shall be entitled to the actual hours worked in accordance with the rules for the calculation of the overtime paid provided that the additional work shall be assigned by the direct supervisor in advance and after approval by the Director of Administration. Overtime = Workers' wages per hour x 150% during normal working days Or employees at 200% during the days of collection, leave and public holidays

The two companies are granted an annual bonus under the periodic performance assessment for each individual for the previous year and the increase is determined by a certain percentage representing the higher limit of the increase that can be reduced based on the employee's performance appraisal. The senior management of the two companies is also conducting a study of grievances, submitted by department managers to some cases on the 7th of each year.

The company has paid great attention to the stimulus factor and monthly honors the best in the work by giving them material and moral incentives and granting them certificates of appreciation in addition to the celebrations organized in the company

Employees of both companies are granted during the following holy month of Ramadan:

  • . (For a person who has completed the service for one year and who has not completed the period, he shall be given a grant commensurate with his period of service).
  • Gift to mark the blessed month of fluorescence
  • Breakfast and Suhoor for those who require their stay in the workplace

Training and Development


The company believes that the human resource is the most important element .. Therefore, always strives to develop the skills of all employees and provides different knowledge opportunities through the organization of training programs inside and outside the company, including programs carried out outside the country .. Note that the training needs are identified through you and through your direct boss according to business requirements. The company also promotes and rehabilitates the internal trainers through the internal training regulations that give the trainers rewards for training and scientific material

Health Care

Advanced Pharmaceutical Company Health care services for all employees and their families through human resources management .

  • The company's medical clinic deals with emergency situations at the time of accidents, treatment of work-related health problems, provision of primary medical care, referrals to hospitals and follow-up of staff health .
  • Modern medicine company puts its employees in its priorities and considers their health and safety something Important. It spare no effort in maintaining the well - being and comfort. Several occupational health initiatives have been launched within this strategy,including health monitoring programs for workers, and accurate records of all occupational health programs are maintained . The stakeholders are also informed of the results and staff are consulted about potential risks in their areas of work .
  • The medical clinic conducts pre-employment medical examination, professional observation, periodic check-ups, determination of the fitness of the person to work, sick leave, return to work, and advice on changing the job for those who are suffering from some health problems .
  • The medical clinic issues instructions to deal with the problems . Regularly, all employees are informed of general medical news and important topics via the company's internal email system .
  • Family health care is provided through a medical insurance service at health facilities in different cities of the Republic of Yemen where all employees and their families can easily benefit from the services of these facilities using a medical insurance card issued by the modern pharmaceutical company . The performance of health facilities that provide health care services to the staff of the modern pharmaceutical company and their families is regularly reviewed and monitored .

Social Solidarity

Social Solidarity Fund; This fund provides care and support to employees in the following cases.





Infectious Diseases.

Family Worker Disease.


Which require such support in order to raise morale and strengthen loyalty, belonging, love of work and create satisfaction with the employees .. in accordance with the specific conditions and procedures and the Solidarity Fund Regulations.

Occupational safety and health

All employees in the company are responsible for protection , safety and health of all individuals in the workplace . The Company management is strictly committed to its primary commitment to implement the occupational safety and health regulations and regulations in force in the Republic of Yemen In addition to ensure compliance with all regulations and procedures adopted by the company to do so through:

Conduct a monthly review of programs of occupational health and safety (Through the Occupational Safety and Health Division of the Department of Human Resources), Participation in field inspections and surveys , Establish the safety of the staff department ( in order to conduct a regular review of all health and safety requirements for professional employees) and to assign responsibility for the implementation of the Occupational Safety and Health Program For staff at all levels of management .

And Modern Pharma Company management continues in providing the necessary trained to maintain a high level of occupational health and safety company 's level of resources, with a focus on modular design, operation , and maintain them in a safe manner and immediate response to any emergencies.

Our commitment to occupational health and safety programs is an integral part of our work.


The company provides an advanced internal communications system Quality of the products comes first .. And your health and health of others around you, the internal regulations provide for the prevention of smoking strictly within the company and in particular the production departments except in the places allocated to it and violation of these instructions may result in dismissal from work

Eat Qat

It is strictly forbidden to eat qat in all buildings of the company .It may cause significant damage to the company and to its reputation and you may be subject to punishment and dismissal


Cultural, Entertainment & Sports Programs

  • The company organizes group recreational trips to tourist areas and coastal cities.
  • Do an open day of the year
  • Arrange a special trip for women workers.
  • The company organizes an internal sports league and the establishment of some games between departments.
  • The company provides clothing in a number and form appropriate to the nature of work and according to the functions of different departments.
  • All workers in the factory are obliged to wear official clothing according to their work requirements and keep it clean.
  • Any employee who violates the dress regulations will submit himself to the application of the sanctions list.


The company provides free meals in the general administration to all employees

  • Breakfast meals for the first rosary work
  • Lunch for administrative workers
  • Dinner for Second Rosary
  • Dinner for Third Rosary

It also provides free meals for wage earners

The Library

The company has a library that contains many scientific books and references and can be used according to the system specified for that

Washing Machine

The company provided a laundry for work clothes in order to maintain permanent cleanliness and good personal appearance

The Restaurant

  • The company has set up a fully equipped restaurant for meals.
  • The company contracted with a specialized company managing the restaurant and providing excellent meals for the employees.
  • The company gives you time to eat meals
  • The company ensures that meals are free at the expense of the company
  • Always keep the restaurant clean and adhere to meal schedules

Internet, intranet and internal network

The company is interested in updating the system, automation and expansion of the internal network of the computer to cover all areas of work and provide internal programs through internal intranet network, and activate the Internet for employees.

Communication System

The company provides an advanced internal communications system that connects all sections of the company to enable you to follow up your business efficiently and quickly. If necessary, you can only receive external calls from people who are connected to you or contact you through the company's transformation and use them only for the purposes assigned to them

General Look

The company paid attention to the general appearance through its interest in the process of afforestation and the work of various gardens All the company's facilities are what you will only maintain, take care of and remember it belongs to everyone. The company also created dedicated spaces for waste


The company contracts with the appropriate number of buses designed to transport workers from their homes to the workplace and vice versa according to the usual routes


As for the importance of sport in the construction of a healthy body, the company has equipped a suitable playground for football and configured it Making it fit and suitable for sports activities outside working hours .. including volleyball and tennis Table .

Other Insurance

Helath Insurance

  • All workers in the Modern Pharm Company are treated regardless of their job status.
  • If the worker wishes to stay in a higher degree of class defined by the system (in one of the hospitals contracted with) It will be necessary to pay the amount difference between the two grades, except for emergency cases where there is no bed in the specified degree to be transferred to the bed to the degree assigned to the availability .
  • The worker is charged the determined percentage and deducted from the monthly salary in installments ( the number of premiums is determined ).
  • The participant in the health insurance is not entitled to claim refunds for any reason.
  • The senior management provides financial support to the Fund twice the amount earned from the employees.
  • Chronic diseases that prove to be infected , the system is not responsible for them and does not cover them.

Car Insurance

Vehicle Receipt

The vehicle is received by the competent authority of human resources department of services at the head office or by its authorized delivery through the form prepared for that, Evacuation of the vehicle receipt from one of the employees is done through the branch manager according to the form prepared for that and is sent it to the service department in the company.

Insurance guidelines

In case of any accident , God forbid, for the insured cars of the two companies, the representative of the insurance company shall be informed according to the numbers below. In case of communication with the representative of the insurance company and the company representative at the head office and taking the approval of the authorization, the communication shall be done within a maximum of 4 hours according to the insurance policy The repair of any damage to the vehicles of the two companies or the third party shall be through the insurance company under the insurance policy. When the approval by the insurance company to authorize the reform Repairs are made and bills are taken of all repairs and they are sent to the representative of our company to work a file claim to the insurance company and follow-up compensation. Company Services Officer